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In a stream of integers from 1 to n, only one number will be repeated. How can you tell what that number is?

10 Answers

what's wrong with the following code : <template type T > T accumulate ( vector<T> in) { T total = in[0]; for (int i =0; i < in.length() ; i++) { total = total + in[i]; } return T }

7 Answers

Create a stack of numbers where the maximum number is always known.

7 Answers

Implement a base 3 adder which takes two strings as input and returns a string

6 Answers

Given a series of words written using a scrambled alphabet, figure out what order the letters of the alphabet are in.

7 Answers

Given an array of integers A[1...n], compute the array B[1...n] such that B[k] is the product of all the elements of A, except A[k]. Part ii) Try to do it without division (some mobile devices don't have division). Was asked to write code for part ii.

7 Answers

Intersection of two numerical arrays

6 Answers

Write a program to count the number of words in a file.

5 Answers

Given a set of people, one of them is a celebrity. You have a 2D array which describes which people know each other, that is [N, M] is true if N knows M. The celebrity will not know anyone (except them self) and everyone will know the celebrity. Find an order N algorithm to find the celebrity.

6 Answers

Considering a 2-dimension matrix that can only be traversed by 1 adjacent position at a time and never diagonally. Create an algorithm to traverse that matrix from its upper-left corner to its lower-right corner using the shorter possible path in the most efficient way.

6 Answers
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