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Algorithms and data structure related questions. Pretty straightforward DFS, backtracking and Sets.

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I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it.

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My people management style. Challenges faced in my (then) current role, was asked to provide examples etc.

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Past scrum experience and obstacles

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How do you handle your project late by schedule?

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1) Write a node class with data members of string value, and a container of neighboring nodes. 2) Write a method to find a node given a target value and initial node.

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Why did this product fail? (was shown pictures of a failed part and was asked to determine why it failed)

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Asked questions about management and hiring style Asked a couple of technical questions Asked for an example of significant contributions Described engineering teams organization

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I don't want to disclose any questions but i just want to share my experience. If a senior person is interviewed by a Junior and interns. It will be very bad because the person who is on other sider neither they had knowledge or experience. It's like old saying "Frog in the well" . True vs true : only if you know multiple languages. If person on the other side knows only one language it's not my problem.

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One of the interviewers asked about static timing analysis/fix/optimization related question on best way to fix hold for a given problem.

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Write a java program that does some array manipulation

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