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The Castle
Senior Event Coordinator was asked...September 13, 2021

How many years of experience

1 Answers

I explained my experience with detail

Entertainment Cruises

How you work in a fast paced environment

1 Answers

talked about my organizational skills

MGN Events

Remember this number... *gave number*

Médicos Sin Fronteras

Tell me about a time you overcame a challenge


What peaked your interest/stood out the most about this position and the job listing?

MGN Events

Who'd win in a fight batman or superman?

Jacksonville University

Describe your favorite work day

Centaur Media

What would be the most challenging thing about working at Centaur Media?

Classy, Inc

How do you work across teams and how are you able to get people's help on a project when you don't have direct authority over them?

Classy, Inc

In your opinion, what are strategic areas that Classy can or should think about expanding into?

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