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Can you submit writing samples from your previous projects?

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Do not give them any writing samples.

Basics of subnetting and subnet masks.

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Only difficult questions from the team Exchange lead that i remember. I had a friend interview for the same position before me so I knew to brush up on the 3GB switch. I got past my friend in the interview process and was asked additional items that I didn't know but know now. This is what I remember. 1. Difference between kernel memory and user memory? (I know this now) 2. What do you need to do to prepare for Exchange 2003 SP3 (that was a trick question)? 3. Exchange 2010 what is back pressure? (I know this now) 4. What is important in performance? 5. How do you measure IOPs? 6. What is RAID 10? 7. Where do you use RAID and why? 8. You need to know all Exchange protocol numbers! The super hard questions I forgot what they were I was trying to take some notes but it was to fast. There was harder questions that had nothing to do with Exchange but more of how you would manage a situation when the you know what hits the fan. I am glad for the interview that i went threw and now i am more complete.

The questions were not difficult. At the end of the first interview I was asked a riddle question that I already knew the answer to. Just google "light bulb riddle"

Explain my experience and there were abstract thinking questions like name a time there was a complex issue and you have to come up with a creative solution.

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