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There's not a particular question that's most difficult. I'd recommend being pretty up on RTOS and recent embedded microcontrollers. In my case I feel I am rather up on C, C++, board design and bringup, hw tools, author-level linker and debugger tech, fair RTOS understanding at a kernel level, register-level ARM and AVR understanding, and decades of UNIX experience, and those didn't get me to "yes", despite all those fitting the job description. So you might wish to set expectations that a whole constellation of judgement may be at play and a good technical show may be just half of the requirements. I really don't know why I wasn't selected, unfortunately, so my guess is in a market like SF or Seattle one gets a pretty sweet pool from which to choose.

All technical questions, nothing unexpected. in C programming language.

Given an NDA, I can't reveal the questions. I can tell you that my coding challenge and some of my tech questions have been posted. The key is know your knowledge of firmware development. The coding challenge absolutely requires firmware coding styles. The technical interviews are about understanding problem solving. Interact with your interviewers and you should be fine.

Describe a Linux driver.

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A HW engineer asked how to code a "SINE FUNCTION" without library call.

Explain on Whiteboard the complete block diagram and workflow of my project in the last company

Describe a work situation where you responded emotionally.

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Basic processor peripherals, block diagrams, fundamental concepts. No design questions requiring "real-time" problem solution, complex math, or anything sophisticated.

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Read in a binary file containing an unknown number of packed 12bit values. Then output a file containing the last 32 values read and the 32 largest values.

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I was asked to model a system on the spot. Luckily I had been reading up on this one, so I was able to write something down.