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Tell me a financial model you have built before. What was it for and how did structure the model?

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I just gave them a project I did to forecast the market size and NPV for a new product development.

How to account for accrued expense?

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What are the advantages of a hub-and-spoke system?

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If I contacted your references, what is one negative trait they would say you have?

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Questions were primarily focused around my work experience and qualifications. The hiring manager also asked for references as a part of the hiring process.

Have I ever received push-back on an idea, even when I know I am right? How did you handle this?

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If Netflix is looking to expand its presence in Asia, what are some factors that you can use to evaluate the size of the Asia market, and what can Netflix do to capture this market?

Initial Investment = $200 M (20 Years – Straight Line Method) Capacity = 200 M MWH Total Production = 1795 MWH Expected Production is 60% = 1051 Revenue for Gas = $40/MWH (No growth – For Simplicity) Revenue for Diesel = $45/MWH (No growth – For Simplicity) Fixed Revenue based on Reliability = 100%  $10 M, 95%  $5 M, 88%  $0.0 M Cost for Gas = $20/MWH Cost for Diesel = $25/MWH Average Cost = $20.5/MWH Growth for Average Cost = 1% Fixed Cost = $5 M Maintenance Cost = $2M (5, 10 and 15 Years – Straight Line Method) Tax Rate = 35% Repayment = 20 Years (Pay down to zero) Interest Payment = No interest in 1st Year Debt Options: Japan - 80% - 8% Japan - 90% - 8.5% USA - 80% - 9% USA - 90% - 9.5% Answer Below: 1) Prepare income statement. Mix of Gas Vs. Diesel in the Average Cost 2) NPV of the project and whether you should go ahead with it or not. What Financing option to use? 3) IRR? Other Questions: 1) What should be the numerator and denominator of Free Cash Flow (After Tax Deduction)? What rate of return is important for the Equity holders? 2) How would you get the cost of capital? Beta and risk free rate? 3) What does the Repayment schedule look like? 4) What is the methodology behind finding the mix of fuel sources? (Date Tables?) 5) Why choose a bank in USA or Japan? 6) What Financing option should be considered? What happens when the Debt goes up to 90%?

What are the most important aspects to being a successful analyst?

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Experience with leading partnerships with executives

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