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What are your greatest technical strengths?

9 Answers

I am technically sound in using R script for R programming language, base SAS, SAS analytics and Advanced SAS.

i am good at EXCEL,PPT i am good at hardware testing


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Lots of questions. First question was how to find the heaviest ball out of 9 ball problem.

2 Answers

Explain some examples of CSS3-specific features which are safe to use cross-browser (including IE6) and how to use them.

1 Answer

Sheet with some javascript code

1 Answer

write a Java program to print the 1st 25 Fibonacci numbers

1 Answer

Write a javascript function to add up values in an array

1 Answer

Was given a parent div and 3 child divs inside. Asked to add CSS to each giving some height and width to the child divs and border of a certain thickness to all. Asked to add another child div inside the second child. Was asked to give absolute position to this div with some bottom and left positioning and asked to draw the layout.

1 Answer

Given a sentence, Hello how are you HELLO. Find the minimum distance between two words. Given input: hello, you. Output: 1. The input words are case insensitive.

1 Answer

Write CSS/JavaScript to change display of html elements?

1 Answer

If you had to choose about the quickest way versus the right way to get something done, what would you choose?

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