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What are media queries?

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From Terry Ragon: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being just fix immediate problem, and 10 being understand the whole system completely, where would you put yourself in how you address a bug?

As other people mentioned, the phone screen is relating to Promises and the timing of AJAX calls.

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The problem is what they didn't ask--skills that they later said were necessary, after I was hired--and I was fired for not having them.

What tools do I use when developing in the Front End? What are some of my common best practices for developing a UI/UX approach?

Define and write a closure in javascript to protect a variable during nested iterations.

Taking an array of strings, return an array with the first instance of any string whose anagram is later in the array (preserving order, removing the later anagram instances and any strings without anagrams)

What's an example of a challenging project you worked on?

Some questions about my past experience. Read above I had to drop out before a real technical interview could take place.