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Senior Front End Developer Interview Questions


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Basic javascript questions: == vs ===, closures, etc.

On site coding challenge, build a checkout invoice page in one hour. Then discuss you're approach.

Coding challenge, building a pet search that allows users to filter pets by criteria. They provide a GitHub repo that you can use. Some of the instructions are outdated based on the json they provided.

Write CSS/HTML to match provided design.

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they are looking fir frontend bu also asking about backend related stuff like nodejs

If you had to build a new project from scratch, what would your folder structure be, and what tools would you use?

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Write CSS/JavaScript to change display of html elements?

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Linked Lists Queue Design a large scale JS application (MVC style) Threading (this was a bit out of context but I guess this was meant to test performance related knowledge) DS in javascript OOPS in Javascript Objects in Javascript