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What are your greatest technical strengths?

9 Answers

I am technically sound in using R script for R programming language, base SAS, SAS analytics and Advanced SAS.

i am good at EXCEL,PPT i am good at hardware testing


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Do you have a degree?

3 Answers

Lots of questions. First question was how to find the heaviest ball out of 9 ball problem.

2 Answers

Detailed Javascript and Angular questions. Including REST API and promises, asyc/await, fetch..

2 Answers

Explain some examples of CSS3-specific features which are safe to use cross-browser (including IE6) and how to use them.

1 Answer

Sheet with some javascript code

1 Answer

Without specifics, I was expected to understand common JS techniques, such as variable scope, and OO-programming. A predefined list of tests were written to ensure accuracy, and the question was iterative, meaning we built upon the previous solution. The interviewer was happy to help along the way

1 Answer

Tell me about your background.

1 Answer

Write CSS/JavaScript to change display of html elements?

1 Answer

Write a javascript function to add up values in an array

1 Answer
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