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Explain some examples of CSS3-specific features which are safe to use cross-browser (including IE6) and how to use them.

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Use a patch workaround like IE-CSS3

Common questions about js, css, front end frameworks and AngularJS lifecycle. Questions about problem solving. Questions about implementation of the homework task.

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Lots of React specific questions, especially about state management. Some random other trivia questions like what is method overloading. Soft skill style questions such as what do I wish to get out of my next position. Create a function on a whiteboard that accepts two strings returning true if they are an anagram of each other.

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What other front end web experience do you have that is not on your resume?

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What's an example of a challenging project you worked on?

"Build this UI widget from scratch in Codepen while I watch you do it."; "You have 25 minutes total to make it work"; "You stopped typing. Tell me what are you thinking"; "We have 5 more minutes" ...