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Senior Frontend Developer was asked...January 30, 2018

In two hours build a take-home challenge that fetches a list of items from the server, displays them on a page, and allows the user to click into an item-detail page. Bonuses: write tests, write an items-refresh loop, write a list filter, provide details on visual choices

2 Answers

I completed the challenge as well as two of the 'bonus; categories. My submission was not visually stunning or refactored - but it should have passed. Less

I had a similar experience with Twitch. Very biased when it comes to technology choices. Frankly, the hiring manager I was dealing with seemed rather inexperienced as a hiring manager. I recommend Twitch examine their hiring process if they're looking for the best talent. Less


Developer going to the board and writing some html: "if you had to generate 200 items, how would you do this? Please write the code on the board" .

2 Answers

Me already asking myself if this is really serious... Writing code on a white board? Less

It depends... what is the purpose? 200 is a hard limit, or are we expecting more element to be loaded? Where will the code be used? First viable product, refactoring or optimization? Do we already have a utility library, or this is a one-off case? Without context it would be easiest to write the for(i=0;i<200;i++)(//code) JS. Less


Why are you looking to leave your current job?

2 Answers

How do you handle conflict? (and give an example)

I’m looking for a new opportunity, a new opportunity interesting project. I’ve been working on my current one for a long time. And the company doesn’t have a lot of new ones right now Less

EPAM Systems

What will be the result? console.log(a); var a; and here? a; const a;

2 Answers

In general, I'm not sure about the answer, since I never do that, since the IDE will always highlight the error and I will fix it. But I think in the first case "undefined" and in the second case "error". Less

1. What will be the result? console.log(a); var a; Answer: you will get an error as you are trying to console a property before declaring it . 2. a; const a; Answer: here if you are declaring this "a" property in a component you will get error you are not defining type or initial value to it. second for "const a" you will also receive an error as, while declaring const you should pass a initial value to it. which can not be changed after that. Less


A question about a technical problem they were having. A form validation exercise. A mathematical logic problem.

1 Answers

I discussed the observations, and likely origin of the cause as client vs. backend. Completed the validation exercise with some bug fixes and optimizations. Worked through the logic problem with backend developer to arrive at a solution. Less

Grand Parade

Q: why you should use default function instead of arrow?

1 Answers

(I would say always use arrow but he wanted other)


I were asked about my technical experience, tools which I use, my last projects.

1 Answers

I answered to all questions which I was asked.


State manadement in a React application

1 Answers

Usually I have lots of local state because I don't like globals and dependencies. But with the right statemanagement tools I guess it can work. Less

Rocket Travel

Can you describe a feature you've implemented in the past?

1 Answers

More of a reply to your post than an answer. This company seems like a sinking ship too. The actual service they provide seems like its crap. They can have the best app in the world, if the service sucks, it doesn't matter. Less

THE Backpackertrail Services

Very generic questions, where did you work, what kind of work etc. The technologies, which ones did you use etc...

1 Answers

Generic answers to generic questions, nothing technical.

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