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In two hours build a take-home challenge that fetches a list of items from the server, displays them on a page, and allows the user to click into an item-detail page. Bonuses: write tests, write an items-refresh loop, write a list filter, provide details on visual choices

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I completed the challenge as well as two of the 'bonus; categories. My submission was not visually stunning or refactored - but it should have passed.

I had a similar experience with Twitch. Very biased when it comes to technology choices. Frankly, the hiring manager I was dealing with seemed rather inexperienced as a hiring manager. I recommend Twitch examine their hiring process if they're looking for the best talent.

A question about a technical problem they were having. A form validation exercise. A mathematical logic problem.

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Build a React application that will interact with an MLB API to display a playoff schedule w/ accurate pitchers, scores, dates, TV/radio stations for each game

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Reverse an array.

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Can you describe a feature you've implemented in the past?

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What's your opinion of reactJS?

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Why are you looking to leave your current job?

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Walk us through your thinking process when it comes to application architecture.

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Are you senior experienced in reactJS?

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