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Tell me about a time when you failed at an objective.

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I'd been courting a new client for weeks, re-sending 'misplaced' documentation, slide-show presentations, and showcasing our upgrades versus her current service. She was interested throughout the process, but in the end cited relationship loyalty and opted to stay with the provider she'd been using. I'd pitched her, walked her through the benefits of our service, made the most compelling case I could, but in the end nothing I could say short of 'the other guys don't stop for old ladies' was going to change her mind, so I left her our information and my number and told her the offer and terms would stand if she changed her mind.

An occasion in the work-place where I had to deal with an angry customer. I needed to think.

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How would I handle a displease customer?

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The most difficult question was probably being asked to sell a product on the spot with the bits and pieces of information we were given on it. Difficult only because we had the pressure of employment riding on our answer.

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How do you feel about high volume traffic stores? Is it something you think you could handle?

Would you ever consider advancing through the ranks and becoming a manager?

What made you want to work for this company?

Wht role do videogames play in your life?

What is your biggest strength and weakness?

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