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Electronic On-Ramp
Senior Intelligence Analyst was asked...June 2, 2013

Did I have experience in writing advanced reports? How many times had my reports been published?

1 Answers


US Army

No interview question. Just don't do drugs.

1 Answers

Don't do drugs and you'll be fine.

University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics

What project were you most proud of?

1 Answers

Tableau based report suite.

Zego Insurance

Why do you want to work for Zego?

1 Answers

Forward thinking company that is doing someting amazing for the insurance industry Less

Why do you want to leave your present position?

1 Answers

More opportunity and more challenging work.


I wasn't asked any questions beyond my work experience and qualifications.

1 Answers

I had an interview with Mantech in Washington DC. The client(FBI) liked my resume but did not ask much questions. The contractor was the one who asked most of the questions. Matter fact, he was wanting to leave himself. After filling online application, I never got a call from them and that is it. Not answer, nothing. Less


everything was generic

1 Answers

Generic but strong responses.


Forecasting off of the given 3 years data. A) which country will acquire the most customers in Q1 2021? B) which country will acquire the most customers in all of 2021?

1 Answers

In Google sheets i used the "forecast.liner "function for this question.

Lincoln Financial Group

When creating a WebI report there are three types of connection: personal, shared, or secure. Which one do you use?

1 Answers

Completely confused, I let them know in all the reports I've developed I have never had to set a connection type. Upon researching it afterward out of curiosity, the question was phrased completely incorrectly which caused the confusion. (secure/personal/shared connections are used in the creation of data foundations in UDT/IDT for semantic layer development, not at the report level.) I would have thought it was a trick question, but while explaining after I told them I had never used that, the interviewer explained it as part of the report creation process as well. Less


My background in banking, if I was aware of the salary constrains compared to a bank

1 Answers

I was just open and had to say why I wanted to move to a bank.

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