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Senior Intelligence Analyst Interview Questions


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Describe a difficult time you had with a co-worker/boss and how you resolved it.

1 Answer

I described a time how a boss asked me to do something unethical and how we had to discuss a better option.

No major challenges with questions in the field being recruited for. Small COI and limited knowledge overall.

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just general questions

1 Answer

Why do you want to leave your present position?

1 Answer

Did I have a current Top Secret Clearance?

1 Answer

Did I have experience in writing advanced reports? How many times had my reports been published?

1 Answer

Writing a series of increasingly complex SQL queries. Some basic probability (combinations, permutations, etc) and algorithm questions (e.g. combine three possible operations to accomplish a task).

everything was generic

1 Answer

I was asked how I would validate models. My comfort level with SQL. If I had ever read a financial statement. And if I had ever programmed with nested loops.

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