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No particularly difficult questions. Just usual stuff for a design position.

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What I found interesting is that they were interviewing me for Sr. Interactive Designer, but when I got the offer it stated Interactive Designer and salary was lower than what I expected. I told the recruiter and they fixed the issue. Makes me wonder if it was an honest mistake but something tells me that it wasn't.

Do you want to go on a walk and talk for our session instead of stay cooped up in this little office?

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Would you still be interested in this position, even if growth in the company would be limited?

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Whiteboard a solution to enhancing the experience of driving a car.

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It was more than 6 years ago and I can't recall them specifically.

Had to make presentation, and we had some pretty smart people in the audience. Asked detailed pointed questions.

There was one older gentleman who had been with Intel for 20-something years who grilled me on "why does Intel need to worry about the end users" and asked very detailed questions about how I would have solved this and that problem had I been an Intel employee which I found a bit uncomfortable. He was clearly one of those "dinosaurs" whose manager had told him out of the blue to become more user-centered, UX oriented etc. and he didn't understand why.

How do you ensure you have a voice at the table, in terms of product design?

Why should we hire you?

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