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Senior internal auditor Interview Questions


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Why would you audit Supply Chain?

2 Answers

Do you like Texas?

I would audit Supply Chain if it rated a high risk in the audit plan risk rankings, executive management/Audit Committee had concerns about the process and requested a review, and/or it was in scope for SOX404.

Behavioral questions like give me an example of when you ran into this situation at work and how did you respond. For instance how do you respond to difficult clients?

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Why are you looking for a new job?

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Why do you want to work at the NTTA?

1 Answer

Asked about SOX experience.

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Why MIcheals?

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The first question was on safety which kinda threw me because who thinks of safety in an office environment? Some pretty hard technical questions. I'd hate to go through that without real experience because they'll catch you if you don't have it.

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What % are you willing to travel and would you relocated for career advancement.

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When can you start?

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