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Senior Internal Auditor was asked...April 30, 2019

Why would you audit Supply Chain?

2 Answers

Do you like Texas?

I would audit Supply Chain if it rated a high risk in the audit plan risk rankings, executive management/Audit Committee had concerns about the process and requested a review, and/or it was in scope for SOX404. Less

Credit Suisse

What risks does Credit Suisse face?

1 Answers

Market risk, Credit risk, Legal/regulatory risk, Operations risks

Arvest Bank

Why do you want this position?

1 Answers

Looking for more variety, excited about learning more about the bank group.

Dover Corporation

Tech Pi was from general and simple mech question from thermo, fluids nad solid mech

1 Answers

Be confident


How do you write test scripts?

1 Answers

1. Request so and so from so and so 2. Inspect so and so (attribute a) 3. Inspect timeliness (attribute b) Less

NatWest Group

Seeing that RBS has gone through much challenging times, why would you still want to join us?

1 Answers

I see RBS having lots of areas to be improved on as well as a fantastic opportunity to learn more about a bank's internal control activity. Less


Behavioral questions like give me an example of when you ran into this situation at work and how did you respond. For instance how do you respond to difficult clients?

1 Answers

Professionally and you have to communicate with them no matter how they treat you. Less


Why are you looking for a new job?

1 Answers

I want a shorter commute then the one I have now.

Delivery Hero

Why do you want to apply for this position?

1 Answers

I want to challenge myself. I can fully utilize my skills and experience and knowledge in this position and bring value to DeliveryHero. Less

North Texas Tollway Authority

Why do you want to work at the NTTA?

1 Answers

I said it would be a very short commute, I was interested in the industry, was impressed with the company's growth, and I had always admired the NTTA toll roads. Less

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