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Senior Software Engineer IOS was asked...November 21, 2016

Giving array of words and user can input any letters. Write a function that returns all possible words that start with the input string. They are looking for optimum solution.

4 Answers

func binarySearchPrefix(array: [String], target: String) -> [String] { var left = 0 var right = array.count - 1 var result: [String] = [] while (left target) { right = mid - 1 } } return result } Less

func binarySearchPrefix(array: [String], target: String) -> [String] { var left = 0 var right = array.count - 1 var result: [String] = [] while (left target) { right = mid - 1 } } return result } Less

I think it should be a prefix-tree question.

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MIR (Canada)

Q: How would you explain protocol-oriented programming ? Q: Can you explain MVVM? Q: Explain what SOLID is?

3 Answers

Le MWM est une catégorie de logiciels et services associés utilisé pour gérer les employés travaillant en dehors des locaux de l'entreprise Less

Un solid est un échantillon de matière qui conserve sa forme et sa densité

En matière de pratique je suis a 80% sûr que je ne vais pas vous décevoir en se qui concerne la théorie je préfère ne pas mentir suis pas douée en théorie ici en Afrique c'est la pratique qui compte Less


Make a senior level app from two pictures..... That's it.

2 Answers

Same thing happened with me.

By spending around 25-30 hours on this over the course of 2 weeks. Big mistake on my part. Less

Delivery Hero

1) Differences Struct/Class and Open/Public modifiers. 2) Definition and usage of GCD/Concurrency.

2 Answers

I was a bit excited because the company was top in my list.

It's essential to demonstrate that you can really go deep... there are plenty of followup questions and (sometimes tangential) angles to explore. There's a lot of Senior IOS Developer experts who've worked at DeliveryHero, who provide this sort of practice through mock interviews. There's a whole list of them curated on Prepfully. Less

Goqii Technologies

2. Difference between Delegate and Notification?

2 Answers

Delegate is like telephone call, where your are aware which class is passing message to which class. Notification is like radio broadcast, where notification is fired by one class is received by none or all classes which are ready to listen/catch notification and perform actions accordingly. Less

Delegate is an object that acts on behalf of the coordinations with another object i.e one to one communication Less


Create a grocery challenge app to test applicants on product identification.

2 Answers

I got a response within the next hour. I didn’t do it perfectly.

It takes them two weeks to get back. Also, they want the app to be perfect or else you get rejection in my experience. Less

CQ Search Group

Are you interested?

2 Answers



Write a function to find elements that repeat a given N times in a given L list.

2 Answers

NSArray *mylist = @[@"Mohamed",@"Ali",@"Mohsen",@"Mohamed",@"Ali",@"Mohamed"]; NSCountedSet *countedSet = [[NSCountedSet alloc] initWithArray:mylist]; for(NSNumber * item in countedSet) NSLog(@"%@ %u", item, [countedSet countForObject:item]); Less

- (id)returnElementWhichRepeat:(int)N intheList:(NSArray *)L{ NSCountedSet *countedSet = [[NSCountedSet alloc]initWithArray:L]; NSMutableArray *mArr = [[NSMutableArray alloc]initWithCapacity:L.count]; for (id value in countedSet) { if (N == [countedSet countForObject:value]) { [mArr addObject:value]; } } if ([mArr count]>0) { return mArr; } return nil; } Less


Reverse array eficiently.

2 Answers

Loop half size of the array exchanging element i with element (size-i-1). If array size is odd number than half is (size -1)/2. However, you can just do size/2 -- integer division would give above, so 15/2 = 7. Less

- (NSArray *)reverseArray:(NSArray *)array { NSMutableArray *reversedArray = [NSMutableArray arrayWithArray:[[array reverseObjectEnumerator] allObjects]]; NSLog(@"%@", reversedArray); return reversedArray; } Less


How to get estimated time between two points using core motion/ core location.

2 Answers

Using CLHeading we can get an idea about heading direction, using accelerometer we can find acceleration data. Less

Using CoreLocation we can calculate the time taken from one point to the second point. In core location with each location point we have the time stamp as well. Using this time stamp we can calculate the speed of the object. Less

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