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Senior IOS Developer Interview Questions


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What is imap/pop

1 Answer

Internet message access protocol.

malloc(), calloc() and free() difference in c

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Static keywork in c language

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Are you a Android developer?

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Reverse array eficiently.

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difference between http version 1.0 and 1.1

2 hour coding interview. The interview was in Swift, which was not mentioned to me before, since i was rusty with Swift. The programming interviewer was not helpful and did not mention you can use Objective-c for the coding test. 45 mins interview was a extremely grilling iOS question with unnecessary extremely vague questions.

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Why would you consider yourself a Sr. Level Developer?

What is cocoapods, Grand central dispatch, recursion (fibonacci), a lot of focus on swift. For each question, regardless of what you answer, they will push for specifics.

What does external function mean in Swift?

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