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How do you find out the hostname on a Windows machine using the command line

1 Answer

The answer is in the question. It's hostname

A few other command line questions concerning IP addressing on Mac and Windows

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How does traceroute work?

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"Hi I am ____, I called to check if you are fit for this position or not'!! 'How to create SCCM package for software deployment' & 'What is IP and how it works?', where I was interviewing for Sr. Systems Engineer position and responsible for VMware, SAN etc.

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How did I plan to deal with the (somewhat) extremely long drive into the office? I live 50+ miles from the office. I really didn't expect this question as I was aware of the drive from the start. However, they were concerned that it would negatively impact my overall outlook and that I might not stay long-term.

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What I like to do for fun outside work.

Fairly standard mix of culture/technical. One person went fairly deep on technical topics that weren't heavily represented in the job description (security), I anticipate that my lack of topical knowledge had an impact on the hiring decision

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Nothing stands out. Mostly they were experiential questions like "Have you worked with this product or that product?"

If there a is an issue with a server, tell me the steps that you would go through to fix it.

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