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Totally unxpected recruiting process - never experienced this in my past 15 years of career - been to many interviews during past 15 years.

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Liz and Dick - it is 2014 please change the culture to embrace talent not worker-bees! Don't forget you only sell boxes and cartons not running NSA, Google or Apple (the computer company ;-0)

Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing that you don't like about the site

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Why are you looking? Explanation of relevant experience questions, where I wanted to be in five years, what previous experience did I deem most relevant that positioned me to where I am currently, why I left previous employers, etc. What management style do I work best under, how I would describe myself professionallyl

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Discussed work experience, background, strengths/weaknesses, evolution of the company, etc.

Describe a situation where you provided guidance to upper management that was not along the lines of their original solution and was it successful?

The only difficult question was about my experience in their industry, which I do not have.

The one short interview which I had was textbook. There were no surprises or tricks whatsoever although the headhunter firm that I'd worked with suggested that I would find the interview difficult and the interviewer intimidating. Neither eventuated.

Exactly why would you consider leaving your current employer to join Oracle?

They asked many questions about the sales figures and strategy of my former employer. These were not necessarily related to my previous position; it felt more like competitive research on their part.

A lot of hypothetical and situational questions based on past and future work. Will be asked the same question several different ways by different panelists.

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