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Questions on the first step were in depth and reasonable for a Senior Linux admin. The entire linux LAMP stack is covered. Most difficult for me was: Q: What directives should be placed in an .htaccess file to allow access only to users coming from network OR those users who can authenticate themselves using the username of “bob” and a password of “pass12word75”. Be as specific as possible, including what modules are required for your solution to work. If any other files are required for your, list the name and contents of those files as well. A:

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These guys may be OK to work for. They do expect on call and overtime past a 40 hour week and they pay on 1099 and NOT W2. So, subtract 30% from any compensation they offer you as you will pay the state and federal tax and FICA. So technically you are a fixed cost consultant with open ended hours past a 40 hour week. On 1099 you have no benefits. Compensation wise this is not an ideal situation for a company expecting dedication like you were a salaried person. In Californa - Labor laws are such that a non-salaried person on 1099 would be expected to be paid for all hours worked and time and a half for overtime. The practice of expecting "free" hours above 40 hours worked in California is illegal for non-salary hires. 1099 compensation is non-salary.

Typical Linux sysadmin questions focused on solving storage problems

What are your technical skills?

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N/A None were difficult. Most were inane and were indicative of no interview training or the sited lacked communicated HR processes. At this point you have been technically questioned at least 2 times before.

How would you write a for loop that echoes "Hello World" 100 times?

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How do you react to discovering a major security or production flaw in a system that just went "live" in production?

Given a particular technology issue, what steps would I take to troubleshoot this issue?

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How do you learn about something you've never heard of before?

What has been your experience working with teams? Do you prefer teamwork or to work alone?

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