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Senior Loan Officer Interview Questions


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How did I market myself to Realtors and do you think Homeside can assist in that process.

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I mostly rely on forming personal relationships when marketing to realtors. Homesides, technological platform, credibility and in house marketing staff will make my job that much easier. I would now have something tangible that can help realtors sell more homes.

Can you handle the financial hardship involved with building your pipeline?

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How many loans can you submit in a month?

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What was the most difficult experience you had to overcome?

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buisness concept model to make Loan officers close 10 plus deals a month.

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If your monthly loan closing goal was 20 loans here, how many loans would you close a month?

1 Answer

Why do you think you would be a good fit here at Homeside.

How many units do you do per month at your current employer?

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Standard questions about years working as a loan officer, different types of loans I have work with, questions about different situations. Why are you looking for a new position, why are you leaving your current company, how many people have you managed, what types of loans have you worked with over the years. What do you like about your job? What are your weaknesses, explain difficult situations and how you dealt with them

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What I was looking for in a job? What my goals are... Long term? Short term? How I would handle certain situations?

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