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"What else can you tell me that would make me interested in hiring you?"

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I gave examples of previous experiences and how I, step by step, addressed a specific business problem from start to finish and I emphasized that these business skills would translate over to the interviewer's company.

Ask yourself a question: Have you ever behaved like you believe a BAH employee would? I have. I work with BAH employees, and from the outside looking in I can name a few behavioral traits that make me a good fie: Integrity, Professionalism and Competence. Read the company's core value statements and make sure to take ownership of them.

*fit not "fie".

detailed resume screen

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generic questions: strengths, weaknesses, succession plans, motivations etc.

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tell me about a time when you...problem sovling, managing conflict, prioritizing/work management, energy/stamina/initiative and one other I can't remember

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What is TIBCO?

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If they were willing and able to make the necessary changes and spend the money needed to build out the new department?

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Most difficult question for me was to provide an example where i must have demonstrated some outstanding activities.

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Over a phone call or lunch meeting one of the partners would go over your resume and have you expand upon the work that you did for each of the previous places of employment

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Questions asking me to relate my previous non-consulting work experience to the skills and experience that consultants require.

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Questions asking me to imagine where I would best fit in.

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