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Booz Allen Hamilton
Management Consulting Senior Consultant was asked...November 26, 2012

"What else can you tell me that would make me interested in hiring you?"

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I gave examples of previous experiences and how I, step by step, addressed a specific business problem from start to finish and I emphasized that these business skills would translate over to the interviewer's company. Less

*fit not "fie".

Ask yourself a question: Have you ever behaved like you believe a BAH employee would? I have. I work with BAH employees, and from the outside looking in I can name a few behavioral traits that make me a good fie: Integrity, Professionalism and Competence. Read the company's core value statements and make sure to take ownership of them. Less


Phone screening - It was just typical interview questions like - Why Deloitte, Have you worked in Change Management, Strentgths, Weakness, Ability to travel and pay package expectations. It was a good friendly discussion Senior Manager Interview - The Senior manager was very friendly and asked me indepth questions about my work experience, my favourite two projects I worked on, how I managed stress, How i dealt with difficult people, have I ever managed teams, Open to travelling etc Assesment Centre- There was a room filled with about 8 candidates, First task was to summarise a 10 page client document to present to Deloitte CEO as one page, second was interview with director to present a 10 minute presentation on case study (given one hour to prepare), next was partner interview where indepth questions about my work were asked and finally group discussion (about one hour)

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Hi, Please can I have some more details on each stage of the assessment centre? It would be truly appreciated Less

Yes please more details. Thank you for sharing and your time is so appreciated. So nervous Less

Booz Allen Hamilton

If the US Territories were to become actual states, but under the condition that the total number of states would remain constant at 50, what would you do?

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I said make a new state containing various islands. He said others answered, "Merge NC and SC" and "Take polls and then put it out for a vote" Less

Merging would entail State Legislatives agreeing,

Why are you interested in changing your focus into the packaging and/or plastics industry?

1 Answers

Management, marketing, strategy, communications, sales and other areas of business are essentially the same in many industries. One can learn to understand about the industry, but it is far more difficult for a person to be able to learn and easily apply (with passion) the art of business. I happen to be a person who love the work I do, and as a result I wake up every day excited to work as it does not feel like work. I will cross pollinate all the different professional experiences I have and integrate them into this new industry and when I do, it will new, unique and innovative in its approach that will set ESP apart from the competition and catapult the company forward to reach its goals and objectives - all things being equal in terms of all other aspects of the company independent of my contribution. Less


Question: where do you see yourself in five years (classic and not very original)

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Answer: in your [manager's] seat

Scantec Personnel

Experience in drafting business procses and implementing business change

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I have often instigated business change, using IT, by analysing business processes Less

Dr. Samir Abbas Hospital

What benefit(s) can the Hospital Staff get out of it?

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Gave them sample answered questions before the training and after the training.


Why do you want to work here over other big 4 firms?

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A good friend of mine had explained the culture within the particular business area I was applying for. Less

Booz Allen Hamilton

The "unexpected" factor came in the generalized form of the "case" question. As best I can remember, the question was a hypothetical about a large federal client engaging the firm to optimize their IT portfolio. Almost no details were specified, and subsequent questions in response to the ideas I offered did not provide many particular parameters to consider.

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I responded with a framing based around a similar IT performance management project I had worked on as an independent consultant. I don't remember any particularly positive or negative responses to the answer that I gave. Less

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