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They wanted to know about my relationships at clients and my experience at Booz Allen doing strategy in Supply Chain

What techniques have you used to engage an analyst on the project who doesn't seem interested in the project?

Most questions were fairly easy...walk me through your resume, what are some challenges you've faced, what excites you about PwC, etc. Also, I did get a question about trends I'm seeing in the industry. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the person interviewing you. They will, and should, ask questions that relate to their background.

Case study question: If the client was interested in growing profit at the start of the project but at midway, they changed focus and now wanted to focus on product quality. How would you go about doing this?

Tell me a time when you had to motivate teams to meet a unreasonable deadline.

Case study question was - what are several factors impacting the client's profitability?

Why are man-hole covers round?

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If the US Territories were to become actual states, but under the condition that the total number of states would remain constant at 50, what would you do?

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Tell us about your background and what you are interested in doing next.

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