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J.P. Morgan
Mainframe Applications Development Manager/Senior Developer was asked...March 19, 2009

How would you bypass change management processes to dynamically change OS JCL streams?

2 Answers

You would need to establish a baseline set of JCL procedures and identify the parameters which could change depending on the run time requirements. The domain values for all variables would need to be stored in DB2 table or a VSAM indexed file and a Stored Procedure or REXX script would need to determine what variables were required for a particular run and obtain them from the VSAM or DB2 datastore. These parameters would need to overlaid onto the templatge JCL and the resulting JCL stream would need to be submitted via the internal reader. The feasibility of this would depend on the scheduling software in use on the mainframe LPAR. Less

This may be too simple of an answer, but I would have answered the question by saying I would do this as a global change. Less

Heath Tecna

the CFO asked me to describe a circumstance where I did not get along with a superior manager and how I handled it.

1 Answers

I answered honestly about my last manager (only worked for 8 months) who harassed me and treated me very unprofessionally. Yet I did not stoop to his level, continued to treat him with respect and most importantly never allowed it to affect my workplace, or my project (and continued to get outstanding performance awards). I also made certain I described how my prior management training and experiences, my team and project leadership and how obtaining my Leadership Certificate significantly helped me with this situation b/c it contained classroom experiences/role playing in each Communicating Across Cultures, Dealing with Difficult People and Conflict Resolution Courses. Less


They asked me if I had any experience with Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sales systems.

1 Answers

At the point, I only had a very little experience with an open source POS system. Less

Samsung Electronics

Describe 3 of design patterns you are most familiar with.

1 Answers

How to deal with memory leak issue in an embedded system.

Cook Children's Health Care System

Write a query on paper.

1 Answers

Can't write a query on paper. Misleading data was given without any explanation.

Electronic Arts

What interested you to apply?

1 Answers

Explained my motivation.

Electronic Arts

Tell me about your expected compensation.

1 Answers

I gave my expectation as requested.

Samsung Engineering

What are your feeling towards overtime work?

1 Answers

Overtime work is short term and is needed on some engineering projects. I accept that fact of the job. Less


Why do you want this position

1 Answers

Opportunity to work at a world-class mining operation


How would you handle being asked to start up a product evangelist effort in a country where you had no resources and didn't speak the language?

1 Answers

I'd start by finding local resources like Meetup Groups, etc. and begin leveraging them to bootstrap a community in the area. Less

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