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What would you do if senior management demanded delivery of software in an impossible deadline?

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Give them the choice of reduced scope, more resources, or changed dates. They can only pick 2.

It is possible to keep scope, resources & timeline (dates) unchanged, but compromise on quality. This will impact team retention, especially the stronger engineers on the team, over the longer run. The leadership team must understand the consequences.

The feasibility which could lead to happen this type of situations is due to critical business needs. It means senior management would be actively involved and here agile framework will come into play. Delivering the workable product and then further developing the solution would be the best possible shot for win win situation.

What methods would you use to retain employees within the company?

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How do you motivate employees that are under-performing?

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After swpping two values in a list, is the array sorted.

Discussed verities of management topics such as people management, project planning, development processes, and so on.

Various things about how I approach technical and people problems.

We want to offer extended transaction reporting to our customers. Today, customers often call unnecessarily, if they see a transaction in the monthly statement and do not remember the transaction. Each call costs us about $15. Research shows, that we could reduce the amount of calls by 2%, if we would offer additional details for each transaction as for example, the location, more detailed merchant information (instead of just payment processor), correct time (not as reported by payment processor). However, to do this, we need to buy services from external vendors. They offer a service where we would supply the transaction and would receive additional information for the transaction as outlined above. We have two vendors we could work with: Vendor A: Vendor A would charge us 10 cents per transaction we sent. They could provide the additional data for about 60% of the transactions. Vendor B: Vendor B would charge us 5 cents per transaction we sent. They could provide the additional data for about 40% of the transactions. Questions: 1. Which vendor should we pick and why? 2. Besides the financial data, what other consideration could be important? 3. Would your recommendation change if we had a fixed budget of $100k? 4. Assuming we have a different possible budget scenarios, up to which point would you recommend one vendor over the other (based on financial considerations only)? The questions weren’t all asked upfront. Actually the interviewer led the candidate through a developing scenario along the four key questions. Only material allowed was paper for notes, pen and a standard calculator. The interviewer did provide help along the way through guiding questions. At the end of the interview, all notes were collected. So the details of the scenario (e.g. exact numbers) as well as the lead in story (e.g. details on the additional transaction details) are from memory.

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Tell me about a time your team disagreed with you; how did you handle it?