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Senior Manufacturing Engineer Interview Questions


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What is the RPN threshold for your previous company?

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Why should we hire you? what was the day you felt the best during your previous experiences? Why do you want to work for our department? what are your three main strength? Is there anything you did not say during your presentation and want to share? what do you want to be in next five years?

How familiar are you with UCT ? Why might you be interested in working for us? What criteria are important to you for job satisfaction? How did you solve a problem with very little guidance or direction?

Mostly behavioral based questions with a few experience questions sprinkled in.

Describe a situation in which you had a creative solution to a problem.

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tell me about yourself. Do you speak Chinese? Can you work late for evening calls to China?

Do you have a place in mind to move in to?

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Why are you interested in moving across the country for this position? Do you have any family or friends nearby?

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The question was, was there a time that you were assigned as project manager for a high dollar capital project that went over budget? and if so, what did you do to bring it back within budget constraints?

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