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Senior marketing analyst Interview Questions


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In an 8x8 checkerboard, how many squares are in it totally?

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Experience that relate to the requirements of the position

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If we do an A/B testing, how would you divide the population, like percentage-wise?

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Explain P-Value in a given marketing context. As if you are presenting to the client.

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Name a very bad product and tell me why it's so bad and what I would do to overcome the challenges from a marketing perspective?

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Couple of Behavioral questions and situational kind of scenarios in past work experiences.

Provide to me your previous work, how it was built/designed, and how could it be configured/used for our operation.

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Do you prefer projects or long ones?

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You've listed many skills on your resume. Does that mean that we could throw any of these technologies and skills at you right now and you'd be able to show us expert proficiency in all of them?

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how can you contribute to the position?

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