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Senior Marketing Program Manager Interview Questions


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Type will provide you with a case that you must solve. It will normally be an issue or problem they had in the past or a currently working on. They will want to see your thought process. They will be looking to see how analytical and creative you are.

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You just need to know your stuff and be able to defend your response and be ready for additional follow-up questions.

Explain the breadth of all that Marketo does.

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What do you want to talk about?

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What do you think makes a person successful at Dolby?

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Describe a product launch from a marketing and collateral perspective?

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Do you have bosses that you wouldn't work for again? Would work for again? Why?

What would you change about the way you worked at your last company?

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Standard marketing related questions. What are some of the ways you recruit and onboard customers into your marketing programs? Why do you want to work at Rocket Fuel?

They will definitely ask you what core value you like the most so do your homework! They may also ask what your favorite product is in-store.

Define your core values

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