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Senior Operations Manager Interview Questions


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If I could manage people.

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Yes no question answer was yes, interview was a laydown.

What is your management style like?

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There were no unexpected or difficult questions if you do your research about the position. Only bad question was if I would relocate

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what are your career goals working for us?

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Knowing that the specific position being offered was at a client site, the question was asked "where do I see myself in 5 or 10 years, and what was I going to do to get there.

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As a consultant, I was always willing to say "yes" to all the project requests that were thrown my way so I could delight my client. As an FTE, I would be asked to take on work that we are not resourced for or do not align to the overall business strategy - how do you challenge the requesting party, especially when they manage your team's budget?

Describe a time when you saw a problem coming. Tell me how you knew it was coming, what actions you took to avert it, and what the outcome was.

What would your employees say they like most about working for you? What would they like least? What was the last feedback you got from your boss?

Please try to be as detailed as possible regarding the technical question, business case, etc.

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