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Senior Operations Research Analyst Interview Questions


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Suppose I have two warehouses on the east and west coast of the US from which I can ship merchandise, and suppose I want to ship a product to a customer from one of the warehouses. Normally, we would ship the product from the warehouse that is closer to the customer, but what are some other considerations that may influence the decision of which warehouse to ship from?

The written test is pretty standard, asking about primal and dual problems, reduced costs, etc of linear programming

They asked some of the typical investment banker interview questions. I think they just want to make sure you can 1) think 2) won't crack under pressure (people really have just walked out).

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Each person has a different opinion or perception of what is difficult. Performing a comprehensive study on the open position and departmental roles and responsibilities in advance of the big day will minimize the unexpected questions and provide you with the confidence needed for a successful interview.

What motivates you?

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Most questions were geared toward expounding on elements of my resume. There was nothing particularly difficult aside from some areas where I had little experience.

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