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Live Nation Entertainment
Senior Financial Analyst - FP&A - IT Department was asked...July 22, 2014

How to account for accrued expense?

2 Answers

Debit expense account, credit accrued expense account

Expense accrued but unpaid. Duh! Accounting 101.

American Airlines

Give us an example of how you managed multi tasking scenario in your previous work experience

2 Answers


How do you handle stress

SbCoaching Group

Reallizações que tive com projetos

1 Answers

redução de despesas e fluxo em processos de contas a pagar

Organización Corona

experiencia previa y esas cosas que suelen preguntar normalmente en cualquier entrevista de trabajo normal.

1 Answers

conté mis antiguos logros

Independence University

They asked me to complete a mock interview with a potential student

1 Answers

I was able to complete the mock interview with another staff member successfully

Tribune Publishing

Experience that relate to the requirements of the position

1 Answers

Described how what I did at my previous job applied to the requirements and showed I understood the company needs and could meet them Less

Arizona Department of Transportation

How does your current job prepare you for this position?

1 Answers

Blah blah blah...


What are the most important aspects to being a successful analyst?

1 Answers

I emphasized the importance of understanding how the business works and building relationships with department heads, as well as my ability to model my ideas in Excel. Less

Allegro MicroSystems

A good chunk of the position-related questions were directly out of some baby-brained playbook taken right out of 1990; that is, those generic questions meant to trip you up and see how you answer. Look... I don't totally dismiss their intention, but these questions are very out of date. It's filler used as a recourse for interviewers to fall back on when they quickly run out of valid questions. They're asked awkwardly and answered awkwardly. I despise them and all I can think about when posed with one of these geriatric softballs is to contemplate all the years I've spent studying and working that got me here. Seriously... let's take it up a knotch, shall we?

1 Answers

"I hate these questions and honestly don't see the value. I know it was a trend a while ago, but these days it seems like nothing more than just that: a trend that for some reason continues to be perpetuated by some people for whatever reason". And: "I can easily regurgitate a response, as these are old news, but wouldn't you rather know about [fill in the blank]?" Less

Allegro MicroSystems

What does your wife do for a living?

1 Answers

What my wife does for a living is far more impressive than my own career. And if I were to answer this question honestly, it would have also shown that I was here (the area) for good, and looking for a long-term commitment. It would have been to my benefit. Instead, I totally deflected the topic and only alluded to something completely different - and outright lie. Why? because how the hell this is relevant to my interviewing for the job, and what business is it of yours anyway?! Real companies don't ask something like this in an interview. If the person is hired and, later on, personal information is shared than great. But for an interview... asking about my wife? Are you kidding me??! Less

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