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Capital Group
Senior Financial Analyst Planning was asked...January 20, 2010

Why do you want to work at Capital Group?

2 Answers

Recruiter is listening for key words here; do your homework on the company's mission statement, etc. Less

there is no mission statement. be aware of the culture - they lap that up. focus on consistency, integrity, respect for the individual, the focus on service to customers that the company has. and how they have low turn over, so clearly this is a place people feel comfortable staying for the long haul. this might change now, given that they have laid off 1300 people in the last 18-24 months... Less

Live Nation Entertainment

How to account for accrued expense?

2 Answers

Debit expense account, credit accrued expense account

Expense accrued but unpaid. Duh! Accounting 101.


What are the most important aspects to being a successful analyst?

1 Answers

I emphasized the importance of understanding how the business works and building relationships with department heads, as well as my ability to model my ideas in Excel. Less


It was based in Leadership Skills

1 Answers

Showed my past experience thru examples.

NRG Energy

IT Analyst from Houston, TX was drilling me on Hyperion Planning and Essbase questions that he did not know the answer to and probably thought I was a know it all when I answered the questions knowing more them him. Also, what is the best way to get the dimensions in sync between HFM and Hyperion Planning? Data?

1 Answers

Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) helps proactively manage changes in master data across operational, analytical, and enterprise performance management silos. Users may make changes in their departmental perspectives while ensuring conformance to enterprise standards. Whether processing financial or analytical information, Oracle Data Relationship Management delivers timely, accurate, and consistent master data to drive ongoing operational execution, business intelligence, and performance management. Less

Dell Technologies

Who is actually managing the online Job Requisitions applications if no one answers direct questions

1 Answers

they see your profile but did not reach out


Most technical questions and analytical skills questions mostly found in GSK web site. It took 1 hours for questions and answers

1 Answers

Went through past experience in each questions with specific tasks


describe a conflict with a manager and how you dealt with it

1 Answers

described a personal occasion

Ross Stores

Overall questions about the experience and projects. Some case study questions, for example: Director came to you that he needs to spend $X Mill to replace all department signs in all Ross Stores. How do you answer this request?

1 Answers

1. Work on analysis of the potential revenue of introducing new department signs. 2. Select a small testing group of stores Group A: with introduced new signed Group B: comparable stores to group A, no new signs 3. Check results and make decision A: Introduce new signs to a few selected stores (group A of testing). 3. Compare revenue of group A stores to group B ( Less

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

In a Situation, Action, Result format, describe a time you had to use your own approach to face a challenge. What were the results (or what did you deliver) and what were the challenges and successes you encountered?

1 Answers

Hi, how soon did you hear back from them after the panel round

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