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Without giving it away, basically a design problem that is comparing different data stored with pseudo conditions that has to result in a weighted result from comparing things. Not a hard question, but one so open that you can go in several directions on solving it.

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Simplify the storage layer, and make the design more robust by using a DSL to handle the conditional requirements, and thus ensure that most of the work is placed on the backend storage engine to handle comparisons and calculating the weights for you... Thought this was a good approach especially if you think of the sheer volume of data and amount of comparisons that may be necessary (storage engines are great at doing this, so it doesn't make sense to programatically write recursive code to do this).

Besides the technical questions, my task was to scout out potential teammates to join the team.

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I was asked to go through the process of solving a poorly performing SQL query.

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While submitting an order from application (browser), if electric were cut off and database were dead, what happened to this order? Will data be all lost?

What happens when you type a URL into your browser and press [ENTER]?

1. Valid Sudoku (Phone screening) 2. Flatten Nested List Iterator

What's the difference between deadlock and a race condition?

Given List myList1 = ..., and List myList2 = ..., is the following statement legal? myList 1 = myList2?

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Write a function that, given an integer > 0, will return a List containing all the prime numbers up to, and including, the given integer.

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