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Design an Url rate-limiter

1 Answer

In C++ wrote a rate limiter that had Redis for distributed data sync.

Tell us about your Terraform experience?

1 Answer

Write a program to implement mine sweeper game on the whiteboard

What happens when you type in a browser and press enter.

2 Answers

They asked me about me background, project I have done, problems I have encountered etc. They asked me how I would approach a few different problems (real problems I'd likely face in the job). They were mostly interested in my problem solving approach, breadth of knowledge, and some level of depth. They asked me some CS fundamentals questions. They asked me some networking fundamentals questions. (networking, web, etc.) They asked me some infrastructure questions (DevOps, Docker, etc.) Everything was relevant to the role, my background, or something I should have reasonably known.

1 Answer

Pair programming, critiquing a proposed system design, running through some on-call-like troubleshooting scenarios.

1. Valid Sudoku (Phone screening) 2. Flatten Nested List Iterator

Design a service to support billions of devices. Problem solving questions. Engineering process questions. Talk with other engineers, product managers, development managers. At the end of the day, I even talked with the founder/co-founder, which helped me a lot to understand more about OfferUp. Eventually helped me to decide which startup offer to take.

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Write a function that, given an integer > 0, will return a List containing all the prime numbers up to, and including, the given integer.

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