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1. Are you familiar with the AS 400 computer project financial reports? 2. (By email) Are you willing to accept pay at a fraction of market salary?

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what are my technical skill sets with digital

Past Experience. Examples of things that went well and did not. They did pay attention to my explanation of my understanding of the role. This company has been on a rapid hiring spree. This is not an opportunity for those that do not want to work. Everyone has a load of work to do and often times under very tight customer time lines. It is a challenge that I enjoy but many might find it stressful.

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Behavioral based -Standard PM/ work and examples

The gave me a list of algorithms and asked me to match them up with Big-O values in a sort of multiple-choice exercise. Then rank the Big-O values from fastest to slowest. This was a math-heavy exercise and involved inverse natural logs, etc.

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How do you handle stress?

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Clients I knew, network, etc.

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The most difficult question for me is always, "how much do you want to make?" It is hard to gauge at any firm how much they can afford, or think you are worth, so it always makes me uncomfortable to have to throw a number out there, and possibly overvalue myself, and fail miserably after getting a job. I have never been let go from a firm, leaving on my own decision, so I guess I am doing something right all these years.

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