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Why do you want to work for AWS?

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Hello! I have a service that outlines every detail of the interview process and questions asked during my interviews at Amazon. You can find it here at: Although titled “manager interviews”, the content is applicable to many roles at Amazon. It has proved to be very popular and useful for Amazon job candidates. You can buy it from the website.. (Please do not forget to check the reviews on that page to read my customers' comments..). thanks! Jacob

How do you keep up to date on XYZ news or information?

Write a document with an example of a product innovation you conceived of

1. Are you familiar with the AS 400 computer project financial reports? 2. (By email) Are you willing to accept pay at a fraction of market salary?

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Questions were supefiicial and didn't drill down at all. I got a sense they just wanted to bring on a competent body. I should have been more assertive with my questions

Q: How many years of PM experience?

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1. Describe your role, markets, competition, use cases, PM process 2. Technical questions - types of threat detection, difference between SAML and OAuth etc.

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The gave me a list of algorithms and asked me to match them up with Big-O values in a sort of multiple-choice exercise. Then rank the Big-O values from fastest to slowest. This was a math-heavy exercise and involved inverse natural logs, etc.

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How do you handle stress?

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Why do you want to join a large company?

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