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Senior PR Manager was asked...October 15, 2015

How well do you understand our technology and business offerings?

1 Answers

You must do company research using a well-known and reliable source. State the obvious, but do not mention info that you attained from an unreliable source, or proprietary info. Less

DHL Express

One value you would add to the Labor team?

2 Answers

Being able to collaborate with our internal and external customers to help drive positive employee engagement which is the #1 factor for labor relations Less

I had worked for credit control dept in the capacity of credit control officer there I found difficult to ride mo bike in busy colombo 01-colombo15 with the cut time schdule.How ever my effort was successes when we became 1st place credit collection in the south asia region.Due to neglect of the top management I suffer in financial collepsed.where I moved out. Less

Pacific Gas and Electric

Give an example of a time that you acted safely in a situation.

2 Answers

There are a series of questions about the company's values that don't relate to the job. It throws you off a bit and feels like a really odd interview, until you figure it out later. Less

In my last company I worked for,in the morning. After I jack hammered the our control point. Our operater came an started digging with a backhoe,while I spotted him. I told him to stop,cuz I seen sand. He wanted to keep going. So we had a lil discussion. I called my Forman over. I just explain the situation. He agreed, so I took over,started to dig the gas service. It was shallow. Operater seen it.,told me thanks . Less

Rubenstein Public Relations

How come you were only at (company) for three months?

1 Answers

It was a three-month contract position. [Which was clearly stated on my resume]

Centegra Health System

Are you aware of Centegra's values?

1 Answers

Centegra is big on its values so they want people who are respectful, compassionate and joyful. If you are those things and have appropriate skills, you should do well. Less

Mc Group (Germany)

They asked me what was my technical experience with some management instrument but they actually talked most of the time. The whole process was pretty boring to be frank

1 Answers

I had good exprience with what they wanted and I also went through a practical test which was very long (it took me about 5 hours and it felt a bit like unpaid work). Less

National Philanthropic Trust

Basic questions. Very interested in any history with financial institutions.

1 Answers

As you are aware, real estate brokers work hand in hand with financial agents and mortgage brokers. Together we navigate the financial analysis and diligence necessary to successfully conclude commercial and residential real estate transactions on transactions often in excess of five million dollars apiece. Experience has taught us the steps of the financial process from application through underwriting. Less

Sodexo USA

Did you read the Job Description? If so, is it something that you would like to do?

1 Answers

Definitely, I have read the position and I have done my research and based on my background I am confident that it is something that I can bring a valued-added proposition to the job. Less

Taylor Morrison

Where do you see yourself in 3, 5 and 10 years?

1 Answers

I see my self either owning my own business or with a company managing and teaching people to do what I do. Less


Describe a time where you took action, what was the action, and what was the outcome.

1 Answers

chose a recent case study to walk the interviewer through the STAR response format. Less

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