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"How to" questions. Every person "interviewing" me explained to me they have not been successful managing Salesforce projects, the backlog (defects & enhancements), change management and governance, etc... because the business refuses to adhere to best practices and their existing Salesforce implementation has so much technical debt that they really need to start over. They can't start over because the new CEO is from Microsoft and he wants to tear out Salesforce and replace it with Dynamics (he assumes the tool will solve all their problems). The leadership can't get the different business silos (Geo's) aligned so they all want a different solution. Citrix needs/wants to transition to Lightning even though they have a high level of customization and large number of custom fields on objects that will make going to Lightning beyond challenging. Basically they need to do a complete re-design. They also want to deploy Territory Management and a couple of other large scale initiatives without have a standardized business model nor resources to do the work. Their Security & Sharing model is completely open, but they want to restrict viewing records (like Oppty) records within teams...and they don't want to redo their Security & Sharing model. Nearly 10 years of technical debt and they want everything done in 2018...with limited resources available because the few resources that are available are KTLO.

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