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Senior Pricing Analyst was asked...July 17, 2018

Where do you want to be in 5 years from now.

1 Answers

Working for stubworld and leading a department.

Con-way Freight

Why should we hire you here at Con-Way?

1 Answers

Con-Way has a better reputation and coverage than any other carrier I had worked with. I also know that Con-Way has better medical benefits. Less

Indosat Ooredoo

What programming languages are you proficient with?

1 Answers



One memorable question that came up with almost all my interviewers was why I was there, interviewing for this role.

1 Answers

As I was approached by Petco, I thought I should drive home that I wanted to work there- not just passively taking the interview. I had previously applied to Petco for a more junior role years back, but was not selected to interview. I mentioned this, and said I thought I was because my skill set was not yet well matched. I think this communicated 4 important points: 1) I have an active desire to work at Petco shown by my actions 2) My skill set is dynamic- I'm a constant learner 3) I don't take business decisions personally even if they don't get me where I want to go. 4) I am the right fit for the role NOW. Less

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Specifics about my education, details of work experience and skill sets.

1 Answers

I had prepared by reviewing my resume and doing practice questions before the interview. I focused on ways I had initiated positive change in previous situations. Less

Viva Energy Australia

Mostly typical get to know your work history questions. 4-5 Structured behavioural questions requiring STAR A surprise quick thinking (think on the spot) exercises right when you think the interview was wrapping up

1 Answers

STAR answers Ability to think on the spot and look outside the square


A few behavior based questions, but one I remember was, How do you drive change?

1 Answers

I answered, by influencing through positive personal relationships. This is not a right or wrong type of question, just an inquiry to see if the person is the right fit for the role. Less


Are you familiar with the FAR?

1 Answers

Yes I have used it for over 20 years.

Green Star Energy (UK)

Asked for commercial data from competitor (where I was working at that point)

1 Answers

Didn’t give any

Transamerican Auto Parts

This Director will illegally get from you all your personal info: Marriage status, current salary, and you better be a Republican or act like one, your financial situation. He will keep you in the interview for over an hour however long it takes to get answers to his illegal questions if he likes you and can low ball your pay. If he does not like you, despite your prior interviews you will be out of his office in under 30 minutes. Do not work here

1 Answers

I gave him all my personal info and I came in $10K below my last job (his justification I was contract) and only then did I get the job. Less

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