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The asked about the process I employed, following up with questions about how I would cut corners if I needed to crank out a prototype so a salesperson could show it to somebody. These were serious red flags. I was asked about my previous experience in UX working for freight and logistics.

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I told stories about how I work toward data-driven consensus with products, using solid methodology to achieve as much alignment as possible within teams. I gave multiple examples of times when I was able to do this, and when I was not.

What is the difference between innovation and creativity?

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Give me a name of 1 manager and what you dont like about them.

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How would your manger rate you from 1 to 10

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The questions are mostly about portfolio review

They asked me to do a personality test to see where I would fit on the team.

They asked me to walk through a design sprint I helped lead for a project at my last company.

Nothing unexpected—just a standard portfolio review.

Describe a situation where a product stakeholder disagreed with your design direction.

Why Scott's cheap flights?

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