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What would do you to fix a reticulation problem on an old style moveable gap system with a shadow clamp?

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first, try to determine if anyone cares, i.e. would anyone use the system if you went to the trouble of fixing it. After verifying and quantifying the demand for the system, consult the system maintenance manual. After determining the cost, materials, and time required to repair the system, evaluate whether it is cost-effective to attempt the repair. If so, obtain the necessary tools and materials, and effect the repair per the maintenance manual. Finally, notify the system users that the system is again available for use.

Silly response. If the customer didn't care, they wouldn't have asked you to fix it. This particular fix is not in the manual but most experienced FSE's and TSE's should be able to repair the problem because they know what causes it.

none, other than "why are leaving Alcoa??"

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Please describe the DNA structure to a person who has no experience with science.

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How would you go about fixing an image that is half focused in light microscopy?

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How can you solve the problem? (Example from the current problem of their department)

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My background My work experience Tested me on my technical knowledge

Technical questions about fluid dynamics concerning syringes. To be able to answer these correctly, you need to have worked on syringes or related products in a previous job.

Each person asked several questions including engineering questions.

Why are you interested in this position? How did you heard of it?

Tell us about a time where you had to go above and beyond to solve an issue.

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