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The manager of component 'A' says his functionality is more important than that of component 'B.' The manager of component 'B' says his is more important than that of component 'A.' You can only implement one A or B, but not both - which do you choose to implement.

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I reference the Product Plan and select the component w/ the higher priority. The interview says "There is no Product Plan." I say "I select the one w/ the higher ROI." They say "there is no ROI." I say "then I choose the component whose manager has the best rationale."

I would say to do my own research

I would say whichever is more valuable to customer & gives competitive advantage to Amazon.

Tell me how you would scale a social media software platform?

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How would I design the elevators for a new 40 story office building that had an average of 100 people per floor to most efficiently fill and empty the building given a standard 9-5 workday and traffic conditions in my city? The answer needed to be completely detailed, including expected passengers per car, time per stop, average floors stops per trip at various hours, etc.

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Suppose there is a smart phone API that can give you a person's mood and that there are 100 different moods. There can be varying level of moods, such as happy, very happy, sad, extremely sad, etc. You can also have more than one mood at a time (such as nervous and excited). What app would you create to take advantage of this API?

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What is the best way to sort a terabyte of array of data, when you have limited RAM (500k), and each array element has a couple of items of data, at about 1-10k each.

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Unsurprisingly they asked for examples of where I used data to make a decision. Also a lot of customer focused questions.

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How would you estimate the number of new users Amazon gets in a day?

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How do you come up with an "innovative idea"? For example, before the airplane people would have asked for a faster car, how do you come up with that airplane kind of idea?

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Describe what do you write in a functional specification?

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Part1: tell me about yourself why product manager is better than project manager an example of analyzing a problem case: customer complain has a spike, what's wrong? Part2: tell me about yourself Why Amazon Strength and weakness the most complicated project you face you face a problem, and you find out the root cause is different from what you expect. case: DVD cost is $50, price is $100, Amazon can sell 1000 units and buy 1000 units from manufactuer, now manufactuer provide a 30% discount if Amazon buy 4000 units. Should Amazon accept this suggestion?

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