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Senior Product Specialist Interview Questions


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Most of the interview was a conversation about the position and my background. No question was too difficult to handle.

What qualifies you for this job

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What was a time you failed at something and what did you learn?

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Asked to share working knowledge of front-end web technologies and how I would troubleshoot a specific user hardship.

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What experience do you have with designing an internal onboarding program for new employees?

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Tell me about a time you had to use metrics to evaluate a project.

Q: Let's assume you have been working for us for 3 years - How would you describe OUR Google Culture? Q: Tell us a time when you differed with your opinion from others? Q: What was the result ? How did you communicate that? Q: How would you go about working with different work cultures? Q: Tell me about yourself ? Q: What would your boss say about you? And what would he say you need improvement on ? Q: Why Google ?

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Ehy do you want to work here

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