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how did you handle people who don't co-operate?

2 Answers

make them owners so that they will be accountable

explain why, communicate the bigger picture of what you're asking them to do, show that what you are doing is in full view of process/not a personal thing but a strategic or tactical problem-solving approach. If thats not effective, contact his/her resource manager/boss and ask to be added to the employee's review process. Then let his/her boss tell that person you hold this power...

Why Amazon?

10 Answers

A vaguest ion that was asked in a very general way, but which the interviewer clearly had specific answers he was looking for: "what are four components that are included in every specification doc". That sounded a lot like a thing you would find at Microsoft and similar large companies where process is more strictly defined. I answered poorly, I think, perhaps because I haven't worked with that kind of spec in a very long time, and not on any projects that worked out well. Smaller orgs/programs/projects (startups and incubators, for example, where the outcome is always in flux, as I am accustomed to working with) can have poor specs, specs that are centered on marketing, planning documents that are made up of wireframes and time-based stage gates. In any case, I choked a bit, and the interview kind of skated around and became more specific as we went along. I don't think that is inappropriate, though, because Amazon does value and expect the ability to deal with ambiguity.

4 Answers

Describe a ideal/dream day at work, describe a time when you were and were not successful at driving feedback into the product group, do you think social media should be considered for gathering feature related feedback, have you ever been a feature PM in your past work experience.

6 Answers

What would your advice be for junior product managers?

4 Answers

If we gave you locomotion to own as a program manager, what would you do?

6 Answers

They asked about setting up a kiosk where a connection to a remote database was lost

4 Answers

Showed a process map with TIP, dependencies and other info. Asked to reorganize the process and compute TIP.

3 Answers

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

2 Answers

How many sensors do you need and where should they be placed to detect rotation/direction of a spinning disk?

2 Answers
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