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Senior QA Automation Interview Questions


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Was interested if I had any black-box experience and how confortable I was performing manual testing.

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Answered appropiately.

What to know about my QA background and experience.

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white board - couple of Java programs. One of them was to read words from File, and few challenges around it

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Tell me about yourselves? Past experiences Real scenarios

Basic background question

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What is Cucumber, Capybara and Rspec? Explain each of them.

They didn't have QA, basically it's mostly I described the QA system I envisioned, and how I would do for the test automation. They asked me whether I know Python, Selenium and Behave. There's coding specific questions.

Write a test plan and automate it for any RESTful API using the language of your choice. I used Python and json-server (node.js).

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