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Given a dictionary, with all possible anagrams of a word, how would you test it out and what is the Data Structure that you will use to construct it with Design of the same.

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I said a tree with root nodes as the first alphabet and each branch containing a word. The other solution was to use arrays, but i was unable to get the full answer to this.

I would use a Trie. Trie's are a neat data structure that let you build dictionaries seamlessly and you can easily keep track at the head nodes of how many sub nodes you have, where each sub node counts as a completed word. Trie's are commonly used to build dictionaries that support fast prefix look-up.

Describe the packet format for PBB, PB, IPv6, IPv4, Ethernet along with the size of each field

1 Answer

Types of shell scripts

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Behavioral questions - self development questions, why is it needed, why is it a weakness, what have you done so far to work on it

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How would you kill all processes for user "abc" with name xyz, using only a single command on the command line of UNIX/FreeBSD system. You are allowed to use pipes and sudo commands. Use of killall is not permitted.

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I was asked how to solve a problem that seemed very obvious. But it was a problem that the entire social media is dealing with right now. I wasn't aware of that fact. Pretty interesting stuff.

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Something similar to: You have 7 baskets and 15 eggs. How many ways can you put the eggs in the baskets? Eggs must be grouped in odd numbers.

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How would you define fraud?

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Write code to ignore duplicates in a string of characters. The interviewer was very specific with the language i was supposed to use(Java)

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