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Draw a bridge and you have three people trying to cross? Seriously>

12 Answers

Seriously? This isnt a baby saving question for QA and a video company....They need that special feeling? Just in case?

4 people actually (you missed the requirement). Looks like you did not pay attention during the interview. These types of questions are designed to figure out your: a) Problem solving skills b) Creativity c) Ability to work under pressure And most of all to observe your thought process. But in your Senior QA Engineer role you should have know about that already, right?

Who ever wrote the last response. Your obviously the one who asked the interviewer these questions. Those questions aren't a true interviewer tactic to figure out critical thinking. Get over yourself. Thanks to the person who posted this, after reading the last comment and the unecessary attack, you can just tell this company isnt worth interviewing with.

DB query

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Would you survive the stressful environment

2 Answers

Will your wife mind if you work all weekend?

2 Answers

How would you test the latest iPhone's new antenna system?

1 Answer

Would you approve of this company?

2 Answers

Mostly some string manipulation.

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Interview was canceled last min

1 Answer

Mostly on past experience

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Tell me about your fitnesse automation experience

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