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Why are you interested in Becket & Lee?

1 Answer

Beket & Lee is a community conscious Organization with an eye on conservation. They promote professional growth and encourage global participation from their employees. My skill set would instantly add value to the organization.

I've had problems with QA in other companies; what would make whatever you set up different?

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I think the CTO wants to outsource of all of QA; how do you feel about THAT??? (asked by one of the directors in a challenging fashion)

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Mostly technical and lots of linux and Wireless questions

Program a Sudoku - I was given 30 mins to do this. Lots of situational questions - eg. give me an example from your experience where you disagreed with a superior. What was the situation, how did you handle it ....

Basic python questions, weird troubleshooting and problem solving questions that seemed unnecessary. Lots of middle managers who think they are hot shots ask very vague questions and didn't understand my answers because I didn't use their Bay area vocabulary.

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Describe a scenario in which you had to meet tight deadlines

Demonstrably prove you could use an IDE I had never used before. The position was not for coding, but you wanted proof of being able to navigate and find bugs in code using an IDE not known prior? No prep asked for. The people were pretty smug.

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