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Please update your profile on our database. Pls put desired salary down as 100K (which is less than I am making now). Please indicate you are a software engineer (I am NOT a software engineer).

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Updated profile several times. Finally, asked company to remove me from their database.

How could you calculate the area of the circle numerically?

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The role is about commercial real estate modeling, and the "senior" title only refers to Master's degree. The phone interview was expected to be 30min, but it took 1 hour. The interviewer used to be a trader, so he's very aggressive and feels like changeling you all the time. I was then invited to an onsite interview at NY. There are 2 case interviews, 1 behavioral interview, and 4 job fit interviews. There are two other candidates I came across that day, and one has 2-yr working experience already.....(I haven't even finished my MS degree) It seems that normally there are only 2-3 job fit interviews, I don't understand why I have 4. One case interview is about Venmo. Math is only about break-even analysis, but make sure you get million and billion calculation correctly. They asked what would the break-even result change if you collaborate with a furniture company and they pay you through debit card. They also asked some strategic plans and suggestions. The other quant case is about the call center at capital one. You need to calculate the average call time per week, and also the transfer rate. As it moves on, it involves launching a training program and you need to recalculate the transfer rate. Remember to ask how long the program is expected to last. The interviewer will not give you any information unless you asked him. The behavioral interview only asks three "tell me about a time" questions, but with multiple follow-up questions. So make sure you are 100% clear about those scenarios and don't try to make up anything. Here comes the job fit interview. It should be a "walk through your resume" type of interview, and you need to do some background research about cap1 and the team. It helps if you take some notes during the phone interview. Since my summer internship is closely related to what they do, I did a great job in the first three interviews. However, the last interviewer, the one who called me last time, said he has asked all the questions he's interested, and he would like to ask me a brain teaser. During the 30min, I was stuck by this problem because I have no preparation and past experience at all. He gave me some hints but kept interrupting me all the time. Every time I tried to think it by myself, he broke in and said that's not the most efficient way. At last he solved this problem for me and was curious how could a stats student fail to answer it. I didn't get the offer in the end, though I've done a good job in 6 of the 7 interviews, and just didn't get a brain teaser problem correct, which I believe is not a typical interview question for risk management. I guess I'm the only candidate at that day who was asked this brain teaser, and I felt it was unfair. You are telling me someone does not fit this role (remember it's a job fit interview) only because he/she cannot tease his/her brain?! That's interesting. Anyway, good luck to the other applicants.

1. Given the credit card portfolio how you would segment the portfolio to have similar risk exposures. 2. Explain your Project that relates to this job profile? 3. What did you learn from your last internship?

What is the loss function for Support Vector Machines regression

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