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Senior Quantitative Analyst Interview Questions


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What is the difference between L1 and L2 regularization?

The interview questions were general and related to my understanding of statistical concepts, my background and experience, and my ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with others in a team. I was only asked fundamental questions related my technical area of expertise. They did not bother me with questions asking for ennoying details related to some irrelevant concepts in my area of expertise. They showed respect for my credentials.

There wasn't any difficult question. The HR person was just unprofessional.

How to evaluate the economics of a full-requirements power supply agreement.

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Tell us about a time when someone disagreed with your work

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Tell us about a research project you've work on from start to finish

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How could you calculate the area of the circle numerically?

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What is your salary requirement?

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How many outcomes of 6 heads followed by 6 tails you expect in 10^6 trials?