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How would you launch Uber Eats in a new citiy? How would you choose among three different cities?

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I believe the second question has to be answered first given local variables of each city and how they impact the overall launch strategy. To choose a city from a group for launching Uber Eats one has to compare the basic data of the delivery industry and spending on eating outside of each city/region. Furthermore a comparision of digitalization and mobile use in each locality may be a final variable. After the city is chosen, the model of launching it had to consider the standardized periods for recruting and beaurocracies, combined with the mapping of the citie's restaurant clusters and the "anchor restaurants" (those restaurants already very established in the city with high popularity) which would be first approached with better incentives than the regular food company functioning in the locality. After a milestone of x restaurants reached a set of PR content would be released and a launch event for internal and "vendor" marketing purposes would take place. In regards to management AB testing on KPIs and benefits (employees lunch menu if the case i. e.) would be stated untill an effective process management structure would be stable while taking into account how the local professional and communications behaviours can improve productivity and processes.

If you had access to all of Uber's data, what would you do?

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